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The White Yarrow, LLC

Distinctive Homestays
in the Pikes Peak Region


As an owner or landlord, are you considering getting into the short-term rental (STR) business and finding  you could use some advice or support regarding market entry and operations management issues?

My name is Chris Dwyer and, as an STR consultant, owner and property manager myself, I know that owners need both steady income from their properties and responsible partners to work with their space. In fact, I founded the White Yarrow, LLC in part to provide this very type of service. 

The White Yarrow, LLC assists its property partners through consulting, rental and management. Our consulting program helps would be short-term rental (STR) owners assess local markets and help them to start up actual short-term rental operations in specific residences.  Separately, we rent properties from owners and make them available to guests ourselves in situations where owners simply want reliable income for their residence.We also partner (aka "Co-host") with enterprising owners of STRs who wish to generate greater revenue from their STR while we actively manage and operate it .


In all the properties in which we're involved as STR owners, renters and managers, we offer all the amenities of a fine hotel, but in a privately owned property.  Our goal is to improve the value and management of a residence so that guests have top-notch experiences there, provide excellent reviews, pay for the value their receiving, and return whenever they next find themselves in the area.  In sum, our work is about creating a cycle of great experiences, good will and economic vitality for everyone involved in every homestay. 

Below are some specifics about how we operate our business and what working with The White Yarrow, LLC can do for you.  ​

Who would be staying in your property?  Leisure travelers, businesspeople and others who are seeking  a distinctive and uplifted place in which to stay choose White Yarrow, LLC properties.  Our average visitor earns more than $55,000 annually, is prescreened for identification, and provides a deposit prior to their visit. They are adults, pet free, non-smokers, and typically stay 2-3 nights.

Is there any charge for working with us? We charge an initial fee for clients seeking to learn the degree to which owning and/or operating an STR in a given market would be profitable, and a second fee to assist property owners in getting a new STR  ready, listed and running within a mutually agreed timeframe.

There are no additional fees, charges or "hidden costs"  for allowing The White Yarrow, LLC to lease your property. We sign a 6 or 12 month lease and provide a deposit, just as any other tenant would; we manage all homestay activity, and your responsibilities are the same as with any lease.


If instead we serve as co-hosts with you, we agree to manage most aspects of your vacation rental in exchange for a share of  its monthly gross earnings.

What are some advantages to working with us?  When we consult with you, we're honest, realistic,  thorough, reliable and non-pressuring. As renters and managers, we often take better care of a property than our owners might!  After every guest, your property is cleaned to the highest standards by a professional cleaning company. We provide references from other happy property owners, and in the case of a lease, a deposit and first and last month’s rent.   

Contact us today to explore a partnership that meets your market research, property management and revenue generation goals.  

Professional Cleanings


Properties we manage are professionally cleaned after every single use.

Pet & Smoke Free


We do not allow pets or smoking of any kind inside the properties we  manage. 

Low Appliance & Utility Use


Short-term guests traveling for business or pleasure tend to be out more than regular renters, lowering appliance and utilities use.

Low Wear & Tear

Short-term guests usually treat rental properties well in order to avoid conflicts with property managers, to receive good reviews, and to get their deposits back. 

Fully Insured

All the properties we manage are fully insured for damage and liability.

Automatic Payments

We pay owners via EFT or automated bank check monthly to ensure consistent, timely payment. 


"Payment on time, every time, and my rental now looks even better than before. The White Yarrow makes my life as a landlord so easy!"  

-- Frank W., Property Owner

"Payment on time, every time, and my rental now looks even better than before. The White Yarrow makes my life as a landlord so easy!"  

-- Frank W., Property Owner


"Payment on time, every time, and my rental now looks even better than before. The White Yarrow makes my life as a landlord so easy!"  

-- Frank W.

Property Owner

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