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Welcome to White Yarrow Vacation Rentals in Manitou Springs, Colorado..


I'm Christopher. I grew up in a family of seven and shared a home with 15 foster kids,

each of whom lived with my family of seven for periods from a few weeks to several years.

As you can imagine, it was a rich and enlivening upbringing.

It also inspired me to create White Yarrow, a business that provides homestays and

experiences for people from many walks of life.

The distinctive properties that my wife, Jillian, and I own and manage house hundreds of guests annually.

We enjoy the feeling of welcoming people to places near to our hearts,

places that we have designed to be the perfect base from which to stage a family vacation,

a personal or group retreat, or a successful business visit. 

It's our goal, along with Kat, our Communications Manager and Cleaning Specialist, to facilitate

a peak experience for all guests to the foot of America's Mountain.

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